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Addiction to Drugs Includes People From All Walks of Life.

While the stereotype may reflect some sort of depraved criminal, the reality is that opioid users are most frequently everyday people.

Students, mothers, fathers, neighbors, and even doctors and lawyers are represented among substance-abusing persons.

Sadly, too many people allow the stigma associated with opiate use disorder to keep them from getting the help they need-help that may save their lives.

Here in the Oshkosh, Wisconsin, area, there is a high incidence of substance use disorder. AMS of Wisconsin, LLC Oshkosh is here to help. If you know someone who is struggling with a substance disorder, make a difference in their life by getting in touch with us. We can help.

Anyone can become addicted. Drugs don’t care where you live or what you do. Taken in sufficient quantity, you will become addicted.

Opiates are addicting no matter how they might be used. While many people think of opiate users as “IV-needle users,” most are persons who have never considered using a needle. Substance use can grow from smoking, sniffing, and swallowing narcotic drugs.

Less than 10-20% of those needing help ever get it. Far too many persons experience a downward spiral until their lives are destroyed or worse. Sadly, death from overdose, suicide, or other medical complications ends the life of an opiate-using person.

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What People Are Saying About Us Online

M. Niemuth

I am a patient here and never once herd of anyone waiting to get in they do intake twice a week witch is open walk in you don't need a call back just go in open from 530 to 11. Best clinic around counclers are often complained about because they expect people to follow rules it's treatment people life on life's terms now treatment on your terms and then complain about it when it doesn't work out anyways I would recommend it to anybody facing any kind of addiction I would even recommend it to my own daughter if she was facing what I'm going through

N. Chaser

the staff is amazing! not a huge fan of the patients, they tend to gossip. a lot of them don't follow the rules which makes the place look smoking on the property, not showing up to groups, complaining, ect. but its worth it because everyone that works there is great and I feel like my councilor is not only a great doctor, but a great friend. they actually care!

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